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Stephen Malekian

Head of Business Development - US

Stephen Malekian has over 35 years of experience in the global financing markets.  Having run Global Fixed Income Finance and Prime Services at Citi and European and Asian Fixed Income Finance at Barclays, he brings a unique perspective to our product and client base.  Consistently at the top of the Coalition performance rankings for the Fixed Income Finance business, he has been at the forefront of transitioning these businesses away from balance sheet intensive enterprises, to satisfying the ratios on capital, leverage and liquidity, to meet the return hurdles on a bank’s cost of long term capital.  To that end he has joined us to develop Elixium’s All to All lending market place in Europe and roll out the business to the US.  Steve has been Chairman of SIFMA’s Executive Committee of their Funding Division,  member of the New York Federal Reserve Task Force on Triparty Reform, as well as a member of the European Repo Council and the LCH Risk Committee.