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Alex Lewis


Alex Lewis contributes to the day-to-day management of, and business critical resources for, the Elixium platform. Based in London, he oversees the development and implementation of short-and long-term plans and delivery of the platform to members.

Alex joined Elixium’s parent company Tradition in April 2008 following an 18-year career as a British Army officer, bringing with him extensive knowledge of effects-based operational and strategic planning.

He has been heavily involved in the planning and delivery of multiple global solutions to other Tradition businesses and electronic trading platforms. He has held a number of roles within the Tradition Group, including project management, business management for TFS Derivatives, as a Manager with the Strategy and Business Development team and Director of Operations for ParFX; which he retains alongside these his Elixium responsibilities.

He joined the Elixium team in the early stages of its development, overseeing the programme management and delivery of the project.