News: 16 November 2018

Gareth Mitchell joins Elixium

Gareth Mitchell has joined Elixium as Global Head of Client relations. Based in London, Mitchell will report to Nick McCall, CEO.

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News: 17 April 2018

Euroclear's Grimonpont on global ambitions

"Direct, peer-to-peer, and all-to-all markets are being considered as a new, additional alternative to support the changing landscape. We're closely following the progress of Elixium", says Euroclear's Grimonpont in Interview with Global Investor Group Magazine.

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News: 6 February 2018

All to All will be a new pillar of the collateral trading market

Finadium’s Josh Galper spoke with Stephen Malekian of Elixium to hear his views on buy-side market adoption of All to All, trading patterns, and the growth of the collateral ecosystem.

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News: 7 December 2017

Paris establishes itself as the European Capital for the collateral Market

Paris is becoming the European collateral capital in a post-Brexit world. A clear advantage over Frankfurt, as this resource is indispensable for the proper functioning of Finance.

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News: 31 October 2017

Solving the collateral maze

A host of market drivers are pushing and pulling the collateral market in several directions at once, and the best way forward remains unclear. Industry experts, including Elixium’s Head of Strategy and Markets - Rob Verrillo, attempt to unpick the challenge

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News: 3 August 2017

Lombard Risk partners with electronic repo platform Elixium

Collateral management specialist Lombard Risk has teamed up with Elixium, a peer-to-peer electronic repo exchange platform, to enhance collateral processes.

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News: 3 August 2017

Lombard Risk Partners with Elixium Partners for Integrated Repo Trading and Collateral Management

Nick McCall, the chief executive of Elixium, said the partnership with Lombard would enable Elixium to provide market participants with a complete end-to-end, automated collateral management and execution service.

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News: 24 July 2017

Surmounting the Onboarding Challenge in All to All Lending Markets

The idea of starting to trade on a new platform, especially for repo, can seem daunting to the buy-side. In this article, I present the opportunities and challenges for onboarding and trading with non-traditional clients. This is especially relevant for credit departments concerned about new counterparties.

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News: 20 July 2017

Euroclear surpasses €1 trillion on Collateral Highway

Earlier this year its joint venture with DTCC went live with an Inventory Management Service (IMS), enabling market participants to mobilise securities from the US to Europe for use as collateral. It also partnered with Elixium, a new European collateral exchange, as one of its tri-party repo agents.

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News: 24 April 2017

Time for the buy-side to take collateral responsibility in securities finance

"The buy-side has an opportunity to take control of its own collateral activity, bringing both financial and operational benefits. Breaking this process down shows that a robust collection of tools and services are available; buy-side firms do not have to go it alone", says Steve Malekian, Head of Business Development - Elixium USA.

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News: 7 April 2017

The broken mechanics of the repo market have been exposed, creating demand for change

Repo provides for smooth functioning of ALL financial markets. It allows for the safe transmission of cash and collateral from buyer to seller. As a result, it lowers the cost of issuance, thereby supporting the real economy. Furthermore, it supports efficient collateral management, facilitates market-making in underlying instruments, contributes to derivative market liquidity and plays an important role in the implementation of monetary policy.

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News: 21 February 2017

ICMA Report: Closed for business : a post-mortem of the European repo market break-down over the 2016 year-end

The extreme volatility and market dislocation experienced in the euro repo market over the 2016 year-end are unprecedented in the post-euro era. This has raised concerns over whether this was a one-off event, or rather this is an indication of a market that no longer functions efficiently and effectively under stressed conditions, and signals a new normal for the European short-term funding and collateral markets.

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News: 13 January 2017

Bank repo spreads are widening, but do clients have to pay the bill?

Following the crisis, high volume, low margin businesses like repo were unable to meet the return hurdles on a bank's cost of long term capital, forcing a change in their business models. The result has been a widening of the spreads banks charge to meet these return hurdles. Stephen Malekian discusses how Elixium can save its clients from having to pay for this change.

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News: 28 November 2016

Unlocking collateral key to curbing shortage, says Elixium

Greater diversification of counterparties in the repo market can halt the decline in liquidity, according to Roberto Verrillo of trading platform Elixium.

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News: 23 November 2016

Mobilizing Collateral – The Growing Need for Counterparty Diversification

As liquidity conditions in the repo market continue to deteriorate, the industry is already investing in market-led solutions. This proactive approach has led to the recent launch of Elixium, a new global all-to-all electronic marketplace, designed to provide a transparent and unbiased venue for trading collateral.

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News: 14 November 2016

Elixium imbues post-trade connectivity with Pirum

Recently launched trading platform Elixium and Pirum Systems are collaborating to provide post-trade connectivity to their clients. The partnership seeks to take advantage of the regulatory-driven rise in central clearing and the increasing demand for automated connectivity to post-trade services.

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News: 19 October 2016

How U.S. Money-Market Reforms Make the ECB’s Job More Difficult

“Asset managers and pension funds and basically any buy-side participant is finding it increasingly difficult to execute a trade at an equitable rate,” said Roberto Verrillo, head of strategy and markets at Elixium, an electronic marketplace that launched two weeks ago to help investors trade directly with one another in repo markets.

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News: 18 October 2016

Tradition Launches Repo MTF

Roberto Verrillo, head of strategy and markets at Elixium, told Markets Media: “Elixium was formed as a result of balance sheet pressures and regulatory changes, which have made the intermediation of repos and secured money markets more expensive.”

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News: 11 October 2016

Electronic collateral and secured deposit marketplace Elixium goes live

Elixium, a regulated multilateral trading facility (MTF) for collateral and secured deposits, has executed its first collateral financing transaction between buy-side collateral and liquidity providers.

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News: 11 October 2016

Elixium goes live

Elixium, the new all-to-all electronic collateral and secured deposit marketplace, has executed its first transaction.

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News: 10 October 2016

Elixium’s MTF for Collateral and Secured Deposits Goes Live

Elixium, a regulated Multilateral Trading Facility (MTF) for collateral and secured deposits, has announced the execution of its first collateral financing transaction between buy-side collateral and liquidity providers.

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News: 28 July 2016

Stephen Malekian takes up role at Elixium

Stephen Malekian has joined Elixium as head of US business development. The former Barclays and Citi executive will work on the development Elixium’s all-to-all lending marketplace in Europe and rolling out the business in the US.

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News: 18 May 2016

Tradition announces Elixium trading platform launch

Elixium, a new EU-regulated Multilateral Trading Facility (MTF) for collateral and secured deposits, has announced it will launch in May 2016.

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News: 1 May 2016

Tradition to launch new collateral platform

Swiss broker-dealer Tradition is launching a new peer-to-peer collateral trading platform.

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News: 28 April 2016

Broker Tradition to launch collateral trading platform

Interdealer broker Tradition will soon launch the first stages of a platform for the trading of collateral such as government bonds in an effort to improve liquidity and transparency in the market, it said on Wednesday.

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News: 1 April 2016

Tradition announces Elixium, a new trading platform launch

Elixium, a new EU-regulated Multilateral Trading Facility (MTF) for collateral and secured deposits.

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