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Swap trading platform reports record volumes

23 May 2016


TradX story2

Trad-X, the interest rate swap trading platform launched by Tradition and a diverse group of 11 global investment banks 16 months ago, has seen a substantial increase in volumes during the summer and is delighted to report that September was a record month for Euro Interest Rate Swap volumes traded on the platform. During September, Trad-X matched around 1200 orders amounting to a notional matched of approximately €80bn. Since launch, Trad-X has matched almost 7000 orders amounting to a notional matched of approximately €500bn.

Footnote: Trad-X reports matched volumes. Trad-X only reports orders matched on the platform and does not include voice transactions submitted post-trade. Trad-X's price reference pages are powered by pure electronically submitted pricing representing firm bids and offers.